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Halva has been an eastern Mediterranean delicacy for generations where its sweet, light sesame taste is enjoyed for many occasions. Turkish Cocoa-Flavored Tray Halva Koska Turkish Cocoa-Flavored Tray Halva-​Candy is produced from Tahini (Sesame Oil) and cocoa.

  • Plain
  • Cocoa/Chocolate

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Addictive&Tasty Healthy Loaded with Protein and Omega-3 Plus a Satisfying addition to my food enj...

Halva Cocoa from NY Spice Shop: was Surprisingly Addictive in the best ways. Healthy protein filled, with omega-3, all in one snack. I am reordering the Halva right away! This is the 1st time I have had a chance to enjoy such a concentrated healthy snack. I was impressed. I found slicing it very thin made it more enjoyable as I did not know how it was served at first and it looked like biscuits so my first attempts, I cut the servings inch by inch but a sliver by thin slice was much more flavorful and to the bodies enjoyment of it. I might try one of the other recipes with more cocoa or a vanilla, or a lemon flavored addition in the future to test these other flavors as well. I am addicted now to this flavor, though, for sure already. I would suggest to go for it, as I did; I had no idea what I was buying but found it totally successful.

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