African Bird Pepper (90M HU) - Capsicum Annum, Hot Chili


With a raging heat and tantalizing taste, the African bird pepper makes itself distinct in a rush of fiery endorphins. Originating in the African wildlands, this famous pepper was spread throughout the world by the Portuguese. The sweet red skin of this plant belies a vicious, addicting taste. The flavors can be used for a wide variety of dishes, including curries, meats, and soups. The unique kick of the African bird pepper is one that will never disappoint.

Allergen Information: Shares equipment with peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, soy, eggs, & sesame. 

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Melroy Slowe

I was very satisfied with the products.

Hi Melroy Slowe,
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Raymond Chenault
Nice Heat

A friend who knows I like hot spice told me about African Bird Pepper and I swallowed a half teaspoon of it . I liked the heat but it was not overpowering. Taking the pepper without a follow up drink or piece of bread surprised my friend, but then I am accustomed to hot peppers. Your Bird Pepper is very good and I will use it instead of cayenne. I recommend it and NY Spice.

Hi Raymond Chenault,
We were thrilled to see your review! We would like to personally thank you for shopping here at NY Spice Shop. Based on your previous purchase of 'African bird pepper', we feel confident that you would also enjoy Our 'Aleppo pepper'.
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