About us

The story of NY Spice Shop begins with our own family. We wanted...no, NEEDED to share our love for exquisite teas, delicious dried fruits, candies, nuts and snacks with the rest of the world. Living in the most diverse city in the world exposes us to every type of culture, language and of course, cuisine, and by sharing with others what is special about our own cuisines we foster greater respect for each other and enable this diverse melting pot to exist in peace and love. We want to be able to help you experience that transcendent joy that the right kind of spices can bring to your dishes and your palette.


We source our spices, teas and dried fruits from around the world and select only the finest quality ingredients to serve them to you. We refuse to sell you something that we would not give to our own families and so all our blends have been created in our own home kitchens and tested by our own families before they’re considered “fit” for sale and consumption.


Our products reflect our family values, and the energy and grandiose of New York City. From our kitchen, to yours, we hope your taste buds feel as alive as the city it comes from.