Dried Jujubee - Ziziphus, Dried Ber - Red Date


Jujubee fruit is also known as “Ziziphus jujube”. In the subcontinent, people called it “Ber” or it is also known as “Red Date”. These Dried Ber are the size of an olive or a small date. It is crispy in taste and gives a cheerful flavor of an apple or unrepentant cherry. They are yellowish-brown in color. You can eat it raw or can be infused in water or tea for richer properties. Earlier, on the commercial levels, Jujube fruit juice was used to add in candies to give it a unique taste.

Dried Ber is an appetite stimulantand you can have it as a snack. It is enriched with Vitamin c, Potassium, Manganese, and iron which aids in digestion, relief chronic constipation,and helps with sleep disturbance. It can also be used in place of an apple in any recipe. It can also be baked or stewed. Unfortunately, in the US the dried ber aren’t easily available in grocery stores, but, almost present in every Asian store.

The NY spice store provides you a 100% original dried ber.

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Jimmie C Jones

I like Jujubes, even though they are a little chewy. The flavor is interesting.

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fariborz M
Tried it for the first time

Exceptional taste with a hint of dates