Split Mung Beans Without Skin (Mung Dal)


Split Mung Daal without skin are yellow in color and they are extracted from Mung Dal - Mung Beans when it is split and hulled. It is very prevalent in Indian households. It is soft and effortlessly digestible because it has no covering on it. There is no need for soaking it in water before cooking. These beans are extensively used in a variety of recipes like Mung dal curry, stews, and dry roasted Mung served mainly with tortillas. 

To make Mung Daal curry use our special Curry Powder and spice up it with our Crushed Chili Peppers and Fenugreek Dried Leaves to give it a perfect taste. These beans are 100% natural andno preservatives or fillers are used. These split Mung beans have prodigious health benefits as it has a great source of natural protein and fiber and it is idyllic for vegetarians and vegans.

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Ingrid Graves

Split Mung Beans Without Skin (Mung Dal)

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Lesley Tse
Great quality products, fast shipping

I previously ordered a smaller quantity of this product and was very happy with the quality, so I ordered a larger quantity. The product was delivered the day after I placed the order, and I got a nice free sample. Will definitely continue to order from NY Spice Shop.

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KB Walker
So happy

So happy to find a close source for these yellow split mung beans. They are hard to find in local grocery stores even before covid19 pandemic. They were clean, shipped & delivered quickly. Will definitely be ordering these and other items from this company again.

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Yellow split mung beans

Nice, clean beans. Glad you had this in stock! Came quickly. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your review! The Split Mung Beans without Skin (Mung Dal) is one of our best as well! Next time, you should try our new Mung bean and Split Mung Beans with Skin (Mung Dal) it’s great during this time of year!

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Ram Venkatram

Went out of the way to get this order shipped. The item that was delivered was very difficult to get locally. Thanks Jamal

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