Bitter Orange Marmalade Jam( Bitter Orange Marmalade Fruit Spread) - 16 Oz


Bitterly invigorating and full of intriguing flavor, this bitter orange fruit spread is a mouthwatering ingredient for a variety of recipes. Introduced by a festive, light orange, the aroma this spread gives off is reminiscent of fragrant orange peels and tea.

The flavor of this fruit spread has a distinct tang that is certain to give a burst of energy to all that enjoy it. Designed for an adventurers palette, our Bitter Orange Fruit Spread is excellent for a countless number of innovative pastries.

Customer Reviews

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Phyllis Perkins
Just what an Orange Marmalade should be!

This is a truly wonderful marmalade. It is not too sweet and just bitter enough to set off that sweetness and enhance the orange flavor. I love it. And the price for such a terrific product was also very good. Perfect product.

Hi Phyllis Perkins,

We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to write such a great, awesome, and compelling review. Our team here at NY Spice Shop is thrilled to hear that you loved your experience at NY Spice Shop & loved our 'Bitter Orange Marmalade Jam'. we are proud of our excellence in what we do. Here at NY Spice Shop, we are continuously striving hard to meet & exceed our customers’ expectations. Phyllis Perkins, thank you so much, and we hope to see you soon.

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John Giese
Rarer and Rarer

I like to put marmalade in my tea. I don’t know anyone else that does that, but it’s not so weird — Lots of people put lemon and sugar in their tea. Anyway, I love the taste if the quality of the marmalade is good, not the crap that most stores have. 50 years ago the large west coast chain Safeway had excellent Canadian marmalade sold under their own brand name. After Safeway stopped selling it, Trander Joe’s had a good substitute. After Trader Joe’s discontinuation, I found the present (up-market and therefore pricy) d’arbo marmalade at a local grocery. When the grocery store stopped carrying it, I found NY Spice on-line. Shipping is expensive, but I have my marmalade! Did I mention that it’s super-good? — John in California