White Sesame Seeds


Sesame seeds have become so popular among Asian, Middle Eastern, and Western dishes. Being the oldest oilseed crops in the universe, they are among the most nutritional seeds in that oils are extracted.

 They are highly used in flavored desserts and baked products. As white seeds, they can also be used to create a white-on-dark contrast in some dishes.

 Despite the fact that these seeds are the oldest condiment known to mankind, they are nutty and fragrant seed variants. They can be eaten, either in raw, or dried form, used as an ingredient in several cuisines, or even as roasted snacks. They are used to produce margarine in Europe.

In addition, "White Sesame Seeds" improve the taste and flavor of Za'atar blend, salad dressing, slices of bread, chicken, cakes, rice, cookies, and noodles.

Sesame seeds come in several varieties like white, black, and brown seeds. The white seeds can either be puréed into a paste orscattered on top of roasted peanuts, milk, vanilla, and honey.

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