Caramel Cream Hard Candy


Fashionable, delicious, and sensational, our Caramel Cream hard candy is a treat for every occasion. Introduced by a rich, hazel exterior, the prominent flavor of caramel is instantly recognized. As the shell slowly cracks and dissipates, an intriguing creamy blend enters the blend.

The complex, creamy interior works well to complement the intricate caramel and results in a very gratifying aftertaste. Produced with love and care, these scrumptious candies
make the perfect treat for both parties and personal enjoyment.

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    So delicious candy!

    I got this candy as a sample in a restaurant and looked for this candy everywhere , not easy to find. Drove many supermarkets and research online. And finally I found it here! I bought several of them so they last me a while I use this candy mostly for my low glucose, it helps me to not be lightheaded. I’m not a fan of sugar so this is the only one candy that I can actually tolerate. It’s one of my favorites along with werthers caramel sugar free. The price is reasonable and the taste is amazing! Thanks to this candy I found other ones that I like too. I like Turkish candies ;) costumer service is excellent! If you call to make the order, they are very helpful and courteous.

    Hi Natalia,

    We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to write such a great, awesome, and compelling review. Our team here at NY Spice Shop is thrilled to hear that you loved your experience at NY Spice Shop & loved our 'Caramel Cream Hard Candy'. we are proud of our excellence in what we do. Here at NY Spice Shop, we are continuously striving hard to meet & exceed our customers’ expectations. Natalia, thank you so much, and we hope to see you soon.

    Thank You
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