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Green raisins are made from extremely fresh and quality grapes and may be eaten raw or used in cooking, baking, and brewing. They make a great addition to your snack mix or your cup of afternoon tea! They have a natural color and are loaded with nutrients, which is a must for a healthy diet.

Green raisins have matchless taste, nutritional value, and natural fragrance which will surely make you stunned and satisfy your sweet tooth. They are always a healthy option for satisfying your sweet tooth.


  • Super green.
  • All-natural.
  • Sweet and full of flavor.
  • Hygienically processed.
  • Totally hygienic.
  • Highly palatable while chewing.
  • Helps in digesting even a heavy diet.
  • Simulates freshness.

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Customer Reviews

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Sheryl A Robbins
Delicious Spices & Raisins

I cannot believe how great this package smelled when it arrived. I have used the spices ordered and the raisins. The raisins were so beautiful, sweet, plump and soft!

<p>Hello Sheryl, on behalf us all of us at NY Spice Shop, we would like to thank you for sharing this great review about our great products! We are thrilled that you enjoyed all of the products. We will be sharing your feedback amongst our team. Thank You</p>