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Jamaican Peppermint (Micromeria viminea) - Herbs - Caribbean

Jamaican Peppermint is a tropical mint variety that features small rounded green leaves with a spicy peppermint scent. Used in tea and to flavor meats and dishes in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Peppermint is used as a flavoring in breath mints, candies, and other foods. Additionally, many people consume peppermint as a refreshing, caffeine-free tea. Peppermint leaves contain several essential oils including menthol, menthone, and limonene. Menthol gives peppermint its cooling properties and recognizably minty scent.

While peppermint tea is often drunk for its flavor, it may also have several health benefits. The tea itself has rarely been studied scientifically, but peppermint extracts have.

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Product is great .The shipment was timely.packed exceptionally well the taste is natural and I enjoyed the tea so much reminds me of the island with that good cup of peppermint tea the product is hard to find in bulk wish I could keep this secret but you need your product sold hope you will always have this product will sure order many more times

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