Malban & Nougat Cocktail


We decide to create a special cocktail in a rectangular shape, a combination of Nougat and Malban with Pistachios. With each bit of this Lebanese delicacy, you will experience the amazing taste of soft chewy Malban and Nougat with crispy finest quality pistachios and rosewater flavor running all around your month. A perfect sweet treat, just for you.

Remember, at NY Spice Shop, we pride ourselves on our fresh products.

Everyone in Malban Kashta Roll is individually wrapped for freshness.

Lebanese Candies also are known as “Malban”. Traditionally Malban is made with grape molasses and used as starch to thicken. It is also, flavored with rose water. There are many varieties of Malban with a combination of nuts and fruits. We carry only the best among the combinations from Apricot to Sesame, Rosewater, Pistachio to Coconut. Please try out our entire collection of Traditional Lebanese Malban candies. 

Lebanese Nougat is as famous as Lebanese Malban. Traditionally, Nougat is made from only 3 ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, and eggs, but the flavor will leave your mouth happy. Nougats can be fashioned into many flavors and tastes, the flavor combinations are all amazing. 

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First time I've had this sort of malban/nougat combination and it was excellent. Very fresh and delicious. I'll be trying other products. Thank you.

NY Spice Shop sees your review and is overjoyed to provide you with only the best! We are always working to provide customers with a positive experience, and are only a call or a click away. With your preference of 'Malban & Nougat Cocktail' mind, we think that you would enjoy 'Nougat Apricot With Pistachios', so do give it a try. Once again, thank your for your review! We hope to see you sometime soon.

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