Mazafati Dates


Fresh, delicious, and succulent, Mazafati dates are a prime choice for both snacking and nutrition. Dark and slightly wrinkled, these enchanting fruits are soft and juicy to the touch. Emitting the sweet fragrance that is trademarked with dates, these treats are instantly mouthwatering.

Delectable and delicious, Mazafati dates will melt away in your mouth in a spectacular fashion. Where their American counterpart, the Zahedi date, is chewed and swallowed, these will do the work for you. Enjoy a mouthful of West Asian flora with NY Spice Shop’s scrumptious Mazafati dates!

Size: 1.4 Lb 

48 Pieces

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Ordering Dates as Gifts!

NY Spice Shop has great customer service, whether it was the on social media messaging or customer support phone call. I wanted to send some dates as a gift to a family member and not only all my questions were answered but also I was given an update on my order and when it would be delivered. Excellent work! I will definitely be ordering from them in the future!

Hi Shakshi,
NY Spice Shop sees your review and is overjoyed to provide you with only the best! We are always working to provide customers with a positive experience, and are only a call or a click away. With your preference of 'Mazafati Dates' mind, we think that you would enjoy 'Chopped Dated', so do give it a try. Once again, thank your for your review! We hope to see you sometime soon.

Thank You
NY Spice Shop