Saffron - Zafran


Saffron also known as “Zafran” is a spice extracted by picking and drying the stamen from the flower of Crocus sativus also known commonly as saffron crocus. They are mainly used for seasoning and coloring the food. 

It is thin, like a threads and reddish brown in colour. It is aromatic, pungent and slightly bitter in taste. It is known as the most expensive spice because it takes 80,000- 1,25000 flowers to harvest and produce 1 pound saffron only. Currently, the largest production houses of Saffron are in Iran. It is found and cultivated in almost every continent. Saffron is used to sprinkle over rice, vegetables and baked dishes to provide a strong aroma and a slightly beautiful yellow colour. It is extensively used in desserts universally. People worldwide used saffron tea for weight loss and digestion. Saffron has vitamin C, Magnesium and iron traces. It is used for stomach ailments, helps in weak erectile dysfunction, improves depression and anxiety and prevents from cardiovascular diseases. It is safe to eat for everyone. It is used by many pharmaceuticals and cosmetics companies to add in their products.

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Gholam Sigari

Excellent color and aroma

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Charles Whitehead

The saffron I received from N.Y.Spicehouse was very good. The flavor and color was exceptional.

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