Semolina - Sooji

Semolina (Sooji) is a product of wheat milling that is created when the wheat kernels are processed using corrugated cast-iron rollers. During this phase of wheat milling, the bran, germ, and endosperm are separated and the endosperm breaks into coarse grains. These coarse grains are called semolina and can be further processed to produce wheat flour or used as is in the production of many food products.

Semolina is off-white or yellow, depending on the variety of wheat it was made from, and resembles coarse sand in texture. Semolina must be simmered slowly to allow the entire particle to cook through without the outer portion dissolving. The term semolina is also used to refer to certain dishes cooked with semolina, including a British milk pudding.

Semolina is used for a wide variety of purposes from savory to sweet dishes, including hot breakfast cereal, pasta, desserts, artisan bread, and cookies. Durum semolina is occasionally used as an ingredient in homemade, fresh pasta in a ratio of one part semolina to two parts all-purpose flour; this produces a chewier pasta that can better withstand rapid boiling and passes more easily through a mechanical pasta maker. Semolina can also be used in place of cornmeal to prevent sticking of bread and pizza crust.

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Inna Kotyleva-Roberts
Very Good Quality! And delivery was in less than 2 weeks.

I am going to use for baking desserts

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Gregory Bowman
Good quality

Made some fettuccine with it, worked perfectly!

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Great for dusting bread

Purchased this flour to mix with bread flour for dusting and making a good crust on the loaf.

Thumbs Up

I plan on making butternut squash ravioli with the semolina flour. Thumbs Up!

Love it

I plan to use it for making bread as well as for pasta.