Strong Back Herb -Jamaican Herb

Strong Back is an arid medical plant with a bitter taste and a smell that may be irritating to the eyes and nose. The root, which features natural aphrodisiac properties, grows naturally throughout the rural areas of the island and can also survive long dry spells. The root bares the scientific name Cuphea Parsonsia but is also known in other parts of the world as Yerba San Martin, Iron Shrule and The Savane.

Traditionally, the Strong Back root has been used in Jamaica to make herbal tea as a remedy for a “weak back”. Strong Back tea can be made by allowing a sufficient amount of the root to simmer in a container of boiling water on a low flame for around 10 to 15 minutes. Allow the tea to steep for a few minutes before straining off the tea and adding honey or sugar to sweeten. Other herbs such as Shekel Weed and Wild Pinder may also be added to the herbal tea.

Strong Back herbal tea may be consumed daily to bring relief from back aches while at the same time strengthen the back muscles. The tonic also serves to improve the body’s energy levels, build stamina and bring much-needed relief from impotency. Although the root is well known for its ability to improve the sexual performance in both sexes, there are a number of other ailments that Strong Back is used to combat. These include muscle soreness, asthma, rheumatism and bronchitis. Strong Back is also used to purge the blood and has been known to aid with the treatment of kidney and pulmonary problems. Women may also use a combination of Strong Back and Marigold to bring relief to menstrual pain.

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