April 20, 2019

Tea Is The Winner 

The Tea is The Winner - NY Spice House

Tea and coffee are known for their social, physical, emotional, and mental benefits, but which one is better?  Both coffee and tea enthusiasts will defend their favorite drink. Coffee and tea have social functions. Family members and friends have used tea and coffee for years as a reason to gather and discuss matters. The drinks are still a mainstay of discussions, but groups now tend to be divided by function. For instance, coffee is associated more with the corporate world as a break from work to increase the energy levels.Tea is associated with relaxation which makes tea a way to relax after a tiring day.Tea can be consumed or served iced and hot, so irrespective of the season it can be a great option to have it as per your mood. To be precise we can say that tea can be a great mood-setter if you had a dull day.

Know more about how a variety of teas can be a healthier option

Also know how variety of teas can differ from one another

Health Benefits

Tea is the winner when it comes to antioxidants. White tea contains more antioxidants than green tea. Regular consumption of tea has been associated with weight loss, reduced risk of stroke and heart attack and improved immune system function, lower risk of bone fracture and higher bone density, helps prevent teeth loss. Drinking green tea may help you feel relaxed and protect your brain as well. Green tea contains L-theanine,an amino acid that triggers the production of GABA neurotransmitter. Tea has plenty of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea also contains flavonoids and catechize which helps to protect the body against environmental stress.



Tea and coffee both have caffeine, a stimulant that can affect the nervous system. Caffeine can make you feel hyperactive or jittery and can also increase the heart rate. Consumption Of more than 400 mg of caffeine every day may increase the risk of the side effects. One cup of brewed green tea contains 29 mg of caffeine. One cup of brewed coffee usually contains about 92 mg of caffeine. One cup of brewed black tea contains 47 mg of caffeine.

Some people can have more than this amount and still feel fine. People metabolize caffeine differently, so some may be more sensitive to caffeine than others. Those who are extremely sensitive to caffeine may find themselves getting the jitters from black or green tea. Herbal teas don’t contain caffeine, but it’s still a good idea to ask your doctor about the possible health risks that may occur. This is particularly important if you are pregnant, are taking medication, she or have a medical condition.

Tea and coffee are great drinks. Just be mindful of your choice.Consumption of right amount of tea can be beneficial physically and mentally as it helps in relaxing your mind and body.So all the tea lovers out there here are some great options to sooth your mind, body and soul and if you are looking for tea, check out NY Spice Shop's selection. Besides tea, the store also offers nuts and seeds, dried fruits, snacks, candies and herbs, and spices. 


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