June 09, 2019

What makes basmati rice so special?

There are a lot of points one can gather in the favor of Basmati rice. But it all starts with its origin - how it is actually grown. India has been the biggest shareholder for cultivation of the rice. Over 70% of the population gets their share of Basmati rice from India. The other places that cover up the remaining 30% are Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan.

The name 'Basmati' literally means 'full of aroma'. Bas, in hindi, means 'aroma, and mati means 'full of' - hence, Basmati. The rice is distinctively different from other kinds of rice, especially due to its aroma and the elongation of the grains after it is cooked. No other rice comes in such appealing features, making it a special kind of rice. It is so special, that many call Basmati rice as 'The Champagne of India'.

It’s been decades that Basmati rice is being produced on a daily basis. Today, farmers grow Basmati with nurturing processes that will handle the grains with delicate care. Any experienced buyer will know how important it is to get the best Basmati rice of all. It wouldn't matter then if the price is higher than expected. It is valuable - for both who grows it as well as who cooks it.

 The Basmati rice can be harvested only once in the whole year, as the crops require special conditions and care to grow and flourish the way you want. It obviously is different from all the other rice, being taller than others, for instance - and therefore can be prone to wind damage. It requires constant, 24/7 attention and vigilance from the farmer growing the plant. It's delicate makeup, however, ensures that it's complex, unique flavor and characteristics are all developed, properly and efficiently. The constant care and 'affection' is a contributing factor to it's premium price - and it is absolutely worth it. However, it so much more than just a 'special kind of rice'. It has numerous benefits, which will make you healthy as a horse and your mood blissful.

The grains of Basmati has a very unique and open texture. It allows the grains to absorb the flavors it's mixed up in, making it quite a versatile ingredient to use, in any kind of dishes. It is especially beneficial that you use Basmati rice for a whole host of recipes.

Basmati has a low to medium glycemic index. To all of those who don't know what it means, it means that the energy is let out at a slower and an even steadier rate. This leads to more balanced level of energy in the human body. A plus, for sure. It is low fat, low sodium and it's cholesterol levels are non-existent. It is a win win situation!

Basmati rice, to sum up, is one of the best choices you can make, while settling on one rice to stock up your storeroom with. With its fluffy texture, long grains, distinctive aroma and an even delicious taste, Basmati rice is an absolute favorite of people, and they have reason enough!

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