Coconut Coarse


Coconut Coarse is a product that is highly cherished for its pleasing aroma, flavor and color enhancement. It has a coarse texture which is neither powdered as macaroon coconut nor chunky as flaked. Coconut coarse is highly delicious, and it is widely used among the Americans, Vietnamese, Asian, Thai, Brazilian, Southeast Asia, Caribbean, Malaysians, Indian Sweets and Indonesian.


It is mostly used in cakes, pastries and macaroons. Besides, coconut coarse can be used in the production of bread. For instance, ¼ cup of this product can be added to white bread recipe, together with small quantity of cardamom for optimum taste and flavor.


The ingredients in coconut coarse are tree nuts. The product can be applied to any recipe since it does not involve elaborate preparation.


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Ingredients for a Spring Holiday Cake

I saw a recipe-Almond-Coconut Cake with Cherries and Pistachios. Both Milk Street and Epicurious have the recipe. I purchased 3 of the ingredients from NY Spice- Coarsely ground coconut, ground mahlab and pistachio kernels. Frozen pitted cherries are at Whole Foods.
The pistachios from NY Spice are unsalted and small. I heated them in the oven for 5 minutes and ground them up. A beautiful green color and great flavor.
Try this recipe and get the hard-to-find ingredients from NY Spice Shop!

Aileen Comora

coconut coarse

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