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Pistachios are among the top quality and more delicious dried nuts. Our lemon roasted pistachio salted have high nutritional value and health benefits. They are delicious, versatile and fun to eat. For most people, including pistachios in the diet is a great way to improve overall health.

These pistachios are cautiously roasted in our company, Dipped in lemon juice, Dusted with light salt and carefully de-shelled.

  • Best Quality
  • Crunchy and Fresh
  • Free from dyeing agents and other essences
  • Free from sweeteners
  • Used as snacks
  • Can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
james ricci

very little taste. is there better tasting iranian pistachios

Dave H

Your Akbari Pistachios Rock
Big, perfectly Roasted and all opened for easy shelling
Will be ordering more soon!!

Hi Dave H,
NY Spice Shop sees your review and is overjoyed to provide you with only the best! We are always working to provide customers with a positive experience, and are only a call or a click away. With your preference of 'Akbari Pistachios ' mind, we think that you would enjoy ' Roasted And Salted Californian Pistachios', so do give it a try. Once again, thank your for your review! We hope to see you sometime soon.

Akbari pistachios

This pistachios quality is definitely 5 star

Hi Masoud sh,
We are happy to hear you had a positive experience at NY Spice Shop! We value your input and encourage you to let us know more details about your experience with us. We look forward to seeing you again.