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Fennel candy is a delicious and pleasant multi-colored sweet that is usually eaten after meals. It has a flavor that resembles licorice. "Candy Fennel Seeds" originates from India.

It is crafted from ingredients like fennel, sugar, natural food coloring, and menthol, which refreshes the mouth after taking a meal. In fact, it is common to see people chewing fennel seeds in India.

Popular in most Indian restaurants, fennel candy, which has a hard candy shell, is considered a great after-meal digestive stimulant and a breath mint. This tasty product comes in plastics and resealable.

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These are perfectly coated..not so thick that they are cloying but just enough pop of sweetness to complement the fennel. Addictive..there’s the problem 🙃

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Ashley Bailey
Tasty crunchy snack!

I ordered my 1lb bag of these candy fennel seeds through NY Spice Shops' listing on Amazon. My package was lost in the mail for a couple weeks, but when it finally showed up I was excited to try it. I got these because I've read fennel can help with bloating, which I sometimes get after taking protein. It's my first time trying fennel, and these were freaking good! :3 The candy coating is thin, crunchy, and not too sweet. Fennel seeds themselves taste of licorice, which blends into the sweetness from the coating and fills your mouth with this smooth, addictive flavor from only a pinch of candy! They're tiny, maybe 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch long and the colors in my bad were yellow, orange, green, and white. I also like to munch on a few pinches of seeds between meals to help curb my cravings for sweets, which has been really helpful to keep me on track with my diet.

***Bonus: My box happened to include a free sample of golden milk tumeric tea powder, a total surprise! It really cheered me up to find. I made a few cups already and love it; I'll order a full size tin the next time I treat myself to something from this shop! Thanks~

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Younus C.
Great service

It was in time delivery good quality of produce. Thanks

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